it’s sunday, again and i’ve got a minute

It’s Sunday, again. Yes, it comes once a week. I know. [Not nearly enough!] It’s the only day I force myself to slow down a little. But today, this Sunday, I wasn’t able to slow down much. We had Ward Conferences in the Lyman building for three wards today, starting at 7 a.m. Then we had three Relief Societies to attend as part of our callings. And of course, I stayed for Gospel Doctrine. Out of the three RS lessons, I would say one was excellent, one was good and one was OK. [ . . . if I were judging, which I’m not. At least I shouldn’t be!] But it reminded me that we are all imperfect people, each at different places in our lives. We are on different learning curves. We have different amounts of experience, interest, motivation, energy and commitment. Some people put everything they have into their lessons week after week. Some only put what they can spare. Some people live to teach. Some people would rather die than teach.

I called my friend to see what I had missed in my own ward. She told me that a new family spoke in Sacrament Meeting. I’m sorry to have  missed that. And she said that Sister E taught our GD class and that it went really well. She could feel the spirit and she enjoyed the lesson. There were no outbursts, very little that could be considered controversial and Brother E didn’t take part in the teaching. OK. I have to say, I’m so sad that I missed it! I wanted to have a really good lesson on Lesson 4, The Fall. In the class that I went to, the teacher kept saying, “Eve, what were you thinking!?!”

Seriously? What is wrong with people?

I suppose I need to lighten up. I guess I will get over it sooner or later, but I’ve been studying hard this year and have really enjoyed learning about the OT, the creation, foreordination, agency and the Fall. So, I have high expectations for the GD class, itself! I hope I can keep reading and learning throughout the whole year, because in years gone by, I’ve lost interest some time in early March and didn’t make it through the entire book. I need to remember it’s my responsibility to study during the week and be ready to contribute to the lesson.

OK, enough on the subject that has practically consumed me for one full month! As I said, today was the only day I’ve slowed down this week. Besides working 40 hours, I scored six basketball games and worked an all day wrestling meet at the middle school yesterday. There were eight teams and it was a l.o.n.g. day. This coming week I only have one freshman girls’ basketball game so I should be well-rested and caught up. I also started exercising on the 16th of January and have only missed two days when I tweeked my knee and didn’t want to acerbate it. It’s been a feel-good couple of weeks. It really is true that exercise makes me feel much better and much better about myself. So why don’t I always do it? Why do I go six months or a year without even so much as one sit up or push up?

I’ve been alternating uppers and lowers for these two weeks and can hardly move my right arm some mornings or my right knee. It’s a big reminder that I’m getting older than dirt and if I don’t keep moving, well, I’ll just stop dead in my tracks. At the moment I’m motivated and doing fairly well. Not gung-ho, by any means, but fair. Someday I’ll be really, really honest and spill the whole spiel about the last six months, but for now, I’ll just say, I’m doing a little better. [teehee, spill, spiel] [or is it schpiel?]

There, all caught up! [Seriously, I’ll never catch up! I’ve been so negligent!]