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This year is the Old Testament. Not my favorite subject material, to be certain. But, I want to work hard and like it more. I want to put all I have into studying this year and get more out of its teachings. And, I wanted to get a head start on trying to be inspired about the lessons. Tracy suggested I read The Hidden Christ by James Ferrell so I bought it when I was in IF a couple of weeks ago. She was right! I have loved reading about his insights. I’ve spent lots of time reading, re-reading, underlining, and writing in the margins. I even finally got a nice ruler so  I can do all of those things much neater. And, I’ve got some new colored pens that [don’t bleed through and] make marking even more fun.

The problem is our teacher. Wait. One of our teachers. Sister E is sweet. Inspiring. She teaches with the Spirit. Brother E isn’t. Doesn’t. He is caustic at times. He is sarcastic, insulting. He doesn’t teach with the Spirit. He says things that aren’t doctrinal. It assaults my spirit. He actually said last Sunday, “I want to get a fight going about ‘our own nothingness’!” He seriously likes us to argue in class!

I guess if I were the only one who felt this way, I’d say the problem is mine. But, several, several people have voiced their similar opinions. I’m worried that members with tender testimonies, those who are visiting or investigating will be scarred for life. OK, I’m exaggerating. Not scarred for life. But, perhaps driven a little ways backwards.

I’ve been so concerned I actually called the Bishop and chatted for a few minutes about this. Ugh. I’m regretting that!

Maybe I don’t need to spend another minute worrying about this. I can just study during the week. Pray for the teachers, say what is in my heart, hope that the conversation goes in an appropriate direction. Or I can attend the FB ward and enjoy the entire lesson. That teacher is amazing!

I’m going to go read Meridian Magazine and some more of The Hidden Christ and see if I can help my Spirit

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  1. Carol

    Mike and I agree that we would go to RS/PH, and SM in our own ward and during SS we would sit somewhere and study the scriptures, and attend SS in the FB ward. It is important to add to the lessons if you can, but it is REALLY important that your own Spirit is fed each week. Love You!

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