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Only a little false doctrine this week.

It went fine. The Bishop was there and things were somewhat under control. It seemed as though someone had talked to Brother and Sister E before class because she kept attempting to reign him in and keep the dialog appropriate. I appreciate her so much. Such a sweet, sweet spirit about her. So, it went well until we got to the PLANS. “How many plans were there?” I said one. The Father’s. Jesus accepted, adopted as his own, and endorsed the Father’s plan. He carried it out fully. Of course, we also teach that there were two. Heavenly Father’s and Lucifer’s. I can go with either/both answers. The point, though, is that we all had a choice. We heard what there was to choose between and we chose.

We selected our final destination in the eternal worlds before we came to this world, and we came here with that destination in mind. We came into mortality knowing exactly where we wanted to be after our mortal experiences. There is nothing here that interferes with agency in any way. I would not labor over this point except to reinforce the idea that we came here knowing where we wanted to go. And we selected that destination with our eyes wide open, knowing what Gods look like and act like and what Godhood is all about.

It would be tragic if we changed that destination based on the comparatively very little information we have here on earth, with the veil over our eyes and with limited remeberance.

I think we missed two other very important points yesterday in class.

I have wondered about the numbers that supported Lucifer in his bid for supremacy. Why did so many follow him? I think we often miss the real issue of the contention in the spirit world that eventually led to the War in Heaven. We talk about it as though Lucifer were going to force everybody to obey. Most people don’t want to be forced. The real issue is that Lucifer would guarantee their salvation. He promised salvation without effort, without excellence, without hard  work, without individual responsibility. That’s the lie that he promoted in the pre-earth councils.That so-called shortcut to salvation captivated many gullible and lazy spirits.They wanted something for nothing. On that basis Lucifer led away many spirits. A full one third!

The other missed point is that every member of the Church was foreordained to build the Kingdom of God through missionary work, family history work and then temple work. That was what we each promised to do. Of course, many of us were also foreordained to have leadership responsibilities in other areas, as well, but all of us are to work mightily to build the Kingdom.

At the end of class Brother E apologized for being a rabble rouser. He said he doesn’t mean to offend anyone with the way he goes about getting class participation. This is the reason I suspect that, perhaps, the bishop said something to him. I’m hoping from now on I feel more safe attending class. But as someone suggested, I can still benefit greatly if I use the time studying in the hall or in an empty classroom.

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