peace like a river

Oh, my goodness I feel good! So this is how a person feels when they take care of their spirit and their body!!!!! I, seriously knew this, but I had been neglecting myself for a while.

I have exercised four days in a row. Hubs got my bike down out of the garage rafters last night and filled up the tires and I’m about to go for a ride, but I see frost on the car windows . . . so I might hold off for a couple more hours.

And my spirit . . . well I went to the Jordan River Temple yesterday to do a session with Miss Margaret Stermer. We both had a very special experience in the prayer circle. Oh my goodness the words to the prayer just filled me right up! And I read the April Ensign while sitting undisturbed in a quite room for an hour. So wonderfully tranquil. Peace like a river.

I’ve always known [but rarely got it all together] that we should do at least one spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual thing every single day. And some type of service to another. Just for balance. Just for filling us right up to the brim. I usually get at least one of those in a day, but the moment I started doing two and three, I felt more calm, more peace . . . symmetry . And I’m going to get something extra in today.

Off to do 100 sit ups!!!

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