s.p.r.i.n.g break!

Alrighty! I’ve had a great day and I want to write about it. First, let’s just start with the fact that I have some time off! So excited about that. I’m so used to getting up around 4:00 and getting things done before work and then going in for 9+ hours . . then coming home and taking ‘the second shift.” Moms the world over know what I’m talking about! I usually come home and do dishes, laundry, vacuum, sweep, shake the rugs. Some days I take a nap and then go score a couple of games. But during Spring, I get to do whatever I want! No basketball, football or volleyball games to score. Sure, I could do a couple of track meets, but I usually pass on those.

Today I slept in til 6. Wait. I woke up around 4 but used the bathroom and went back to bed. I turned on the Mormon Channel and listened for a few minutes ’til I dozed off and the next thing I knew it was 6 on the dot. I had decided ahead of time that I was going to use this week wisely. Eat well, exercise, go for walks, get some things done in the yard. Clean the entire basement. [right!] So I made a little chart and exercised. Mostly sit-ups and push-ups, but I added in some yoga and deep breathing and some stretching that pretty much killed. I made a green smoothie, drank a bottle of water, scrambled eggs with salsa. I’m feeling pretty dang good by 8 am.

I did 7 batches of laundry, did the dishes and swept and vacuumed. Feeling super good about getting things cleaned up. Later on I steamed some cauliflower and accidentally boiled it dry. And set off the fire alarm. My house still smells awful, 5 hours later and one entire can of Fe-breeze later!

Yuk. It smells like a dirty diaper, or a bad potato. Even worse!

I headed to the post office and mailed all of the fliers for the Smith Family Reunion that we’re having the last week of June. Totally stoked that I have that done! I also mailed a bunch of temple names to mother-in-law, Barbara. She works in the St. George temple and has been helping Tracy with so many names! It’s been wonderful!

I finally got in the shower around 3:00 I’m not too proud of that, for sure. But suddenly I see how it happens. But I hadn’t wanted to shower this morning and then clean the house. Eventually I got hair and makeup done and then decided to go for a walk. First I went to the high school, thinking I could walk on the track. It’s so easy to measure off. But track kids were still there at 5 pm, so I went to the second best place, the cemetery. I measured off a mile and then walked/ran it. It took me most of twenty minutes! Seriously! I remember when I was running 8-minute miles and won a 5K in Toledo. Thirty years can do that to you! While I was there I ran over to James Henry Rollins’ grave and gave it a look. Died in 1889. First person buried in our cemetery.

But it’s been good. I even caught up on two shows I had recorded, played multiple games of Words with Friends [love] and now I’m heading upstairs to read my B of M Translation Challenge. Love that, as well. I had been reading it with friends in a private FB group called SOS [Searching Our Scriptures] But I started over on April 7th with two other friends to do the Translation Challenge. I’ve loved that even more. Tracy recommended a book, Book of Mormon Made Easier by David J. Ridges, and I have to say how much I am loving his extra commentary. Love with a Capital L!

I’m feeling like I sound like a whole new person. That’s what sunshine and spring do to me! Yep, I’m a fair weather person and I love cloud-less blue skies and listening to birds. I can’t say I hate winter, but it is very long in these parts and I’m ready for change. My body is ready too. It seems like I gain winter weight earlier and earlier every year and then make myself miserable for six months. Well, I’m ready for some movement, some pants zipped all the way up, and I’m ready to stop waddling like a . . . not going to go there. I’m just ready.