catching up, yet again!

Oh, Gracious! I have totally lost all temptations to blog. All temptations to go on and on about my health, my weight, my family, my work-place, my boss. All temptations to get up in the middle of the night, even, and run down the stairs to update what’s going on in my life. I’ve lost it all.

Having said that, I feel quite a burdensome duty to catch up . . . just in case I ever print this off for posterity.

I note that my last two posts were two months apart. One in May, one in July. THIS from a gal who used to post about 15 times a month. I really have bored myself to death. And to tell the truth, not much has changed since then. But a little update for the great-great-grands who may be reading this in 2045.

    • I worked most of the summer on the usual things: the school, the yard, a little flower garden, walking and exercising.
    • I bought a kayak and went down the Black’s Fork River one day; went down a super-fun white-water river up near China Meadows, two times; went at least 20 miles on the Green River; kayaked about 2/3 of the way to the upper lake and all around the beach and river.
    • I tripped over a log while camping and spent the next four days mostly on my cot.
    • Saw a doctor, got an x-ray, got an MRI, had a scope and found out some sad news about my knee. It was broken, yes, and torn on both sides, and part of my cartilage was broken off in a huge chunk. Pretty bad shape.
    • I’ve been healing, been going to PT for a couple of weeks.
    • I miss work. I miss my routine. I miss my friends. I miss my ‘normal’ life.
    • I don’t recommend falling. I actually fell three times when we were camping, but who’s counting?

Other things I’ve done this summer include attending the Ogden Temple open house [in a wheel chair], going camping two other times up at Bridger Lake, finally getting into pretty good shape and losing a little weight, learning to live pretty much alone [hubby has been working out of town since the first of July and although he was home for a week . . has now gone off hunting for a long time.] I also made a craft.


And, now, seriously, we are all caught up.

I did have a wonderful experience the other day at church. I was sitting there on my special bench, second from the front on the left side, and during the sacrament I prayed to be able to recognize anyone who might be needing help. Someone I could serve. A few minutes later a gal came to mind. She isn’t in my ward, I only have had a few interactions with her. I actually picked up some stools from her hair shop for Mikelle. And I’ve seen her on Facebook. But I don’t really know her. Oh, wait, I went to another ward back in June and she bore her testimony there. That’s it. Well, Heavenly Father put it into my mind that she needed some help. I texted Mikelle and said, I think we need to help Sarah. Then I texted Sarah and told her I would help her. I was able to give her some money to help her with a down payment on a double-wide she needed to get into.

The only reason I am including this into this post is that I want you to know that it was a wonderful feeling to be able to ‘hear’ spiritual things. It was wonderful to ‘hear’ a prompting and to be able to respond to it. It was wonderful to know in my heart that Heavenly Father saw this daughter who needed help, and also saw that I was willing to do that little bit of service.

One more thing of import. I asked Mikelle to help me clean out my closets last weekend and she somehow convinced me to toss about 200 tops. I, seriously, needed to do that for a long, long time, but just couldn’t bear to throw good things away. [A curse from my dad!] She sold about 50 things and then we gave the rest to DI. Fortunately the DI truck was at the stake center last Saturday morning, so it was easy to load 8 stuffed garbage bags into the car and take them to be donated.

By my calculations, I should be writing again in November . . . but maybe I can muster up what it takes to put down some thoughts before then.


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  1. tracy

    SO good to hear from you on here! And wowsers, how wonderful to get a prompting and act on it!

    Get back on your crutches. COME ON. You want the knee to last another 30 years and if you baby it now, it will!

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