holy crow it’s november already!

[I have no clue where October disappeared to . . .]

Well, my goodness. Here it is November 16! Lots of things have come and gone and I’ve not made even the slightest attempt to write about them. I’d like to say I’ve been consumed with something else of greater import, but, no. I just dread coming back to a page that just the process of coming to. . . proves what a sloth I am. Sometimes I sit here and open this page and nothing at all comes to my mind. Other days I come to this page [see, I actually do think about posting . . .] and lot’s of things come to mind, but I think, oh why bother. It’s as though I’m done with me. I’m done pretending that it makes even the tiniest difference if I write out my thoughts.

On the other hand, I do love writing.

In fact, I just finished [last week] writing the script for our Relief Society Stake Fall Social. That was fun! I edited it until it was perfect –> probably at least twenty times. The gals at work make a big ‘how dee do’ over the fact that even a misplaced comma or a quote that has one or two marks [‘ or “] needs fixed and they say, what difference does it really make? To me, it makes a difference. I know I’m far from perfect, but I like to try. I love to edit. I love at least the appearance of effort.

This big fun meeting is this coming Friday. It’s based on the book, A Heart Like His, by Virginia Hinckley Pearce. I LOVE the subtitle, Making Room for His Love in your Life.

I’ve loved reading the book. I’ve loved typing up all the amazing quotes in the book for the little handout. I’ve loved helping Mikelle plan and carry out the decorations. I’ve loved considering the impact this message can have on women in our Stake. I love that I found the perfect portrait of Jesus Christ for the display at the podium and that I get to keep it in my home after the meeting.

Unfortunately our meeting is on the same night at Time Out for Women and we will have fewer attendees than previously thought. We have been planning since August and have made all our arrangements based on 425 people. This is a sister-plus-one affair. Last year we had over 300 at our Fall Social so we thought with hubsters or significant others, we’d have a crowd. I hope a lot of people show up.

It’s Sunday and I woke up at 4:44 all on my own. No alarm. I wanted to listen to the Mormon Channel and try to fall back asleep. When that didn’t happen I thought I’d study for Gospel Doctrine. I love reading the lesson ahead of time and reading three or four commentaries, so that’s why I’m at my computer in my freezing cold basement at five in the a.m.

But, I saw ‘Weighing Matters’ on my toolbar and thought, sheesh, write something girl!!! Someday your grandkids can read about your life! Um, hey kiddos, life is good! I’m still around and life is a kick!