and we’re . . . live . . .

Wow, I just about forgot how to do this. I had to look up my user name and password. It’s been that long!!! Oh well, not going to beat myself up about it and I’m not in the frame of mind to make excuses. I just needed a vacation, plain and simple.

So many things have happened.

Yep, life goes on even when you’re not blogging about it.

Andie and Blythe both got mission calls. Blythe’s came first and she is heading to California, Irvine. Andie’s came a week or so later and she’s heading to México México City East mission. They both enter different MTCs on September 16th. I guess they are working out their respective missionary farewells. [Please communicate on this so I can go to both!!!] I seriously can’t think of better places for each of them to go and serve the Lord. Pretty much hand picked for them, their personalities and their own circumstances, if you ask me.

Other things: [in no particular order]

  • I took the Book of Mormon Challenge again this year. I’m nearly to the end. I’ve LOVED reading and listening to the Mormon Interpreter and BYU-TV lesson commentaries this time around. They’ve made a huge difference. First thing I think about every morning, last thing every night.
  • I started a diet with Scott on January 1. I’ve gained [yep] 18 pounds.
  • My leg is still sore, stiff, huge, and a nuisance. Basically a bum leg.
  • I’ve gone to the temple at least once a month. Always a wonderful experience
  • I just went to my brother/sister family reunion. It was great. It’s so good to see Louise!
  • I feel like my calling isn’t stretching me enough. Stake callings are sometimes too easy!
  • I planted my rock garden. The flowers are struggling. I planted out in the wooden box in the front yard, too. Same story. No green thumb on this grammar.
  • One day I talked to every one of my children. Near and far. It was wonderful!
  • I worry about Tracy every. single. day!
  • Mom’s house sold and we got the money for it. I think it was $4? or $8? I can’t remember.
  • I’ve written three stories for Dad’s 100th birthday. It’s hard.
  • I’ve borne my testimony each month this year but once. It embarrasses me but gives me strength at the same time. It’s a paradox. A conundrum.
  • Memorial Day came and went. I don’t think of my ancestors in graves. I think of them right around me. I did ride through the Lyman Cemetery this year, but that’s all.
  • I turned 64 in May. Stephen spent a small fortune on me. I took the very expensive red purse that he bought me to church today. It was the best looking purse in the whole chapel! Yes, I guess I’m that prideful. I don’t mean to be, but, seriously, it’s gorgeous!
  • I have one whisker on my chin that drives me nuts. I remember Mom had a couple and she never took care of them. I try to pluck mine every couple of days.
  • I just bought some Omega 3 oil that goes in smoothies. I’m counting on it to make me brilliant! I play several games on my iPAD everyday and I hoped that was enough to keep me sharp. Take my word for it. It’s not.
  • I’m working with five other gals this summer and whipping the school into shape. I never look forward to summer cleaning. It’s so much hard work, but so far so good. We did 11 rooms in five days. Not too bad for four grandmas and two college girls.
  • I think everyone is going to Green River Lakes this year. Cam and Nicole are coming. It’s been hard getting dates settled and my boss is going to be mad at me for taking two weeks. Dang it! I need my job!!!
  • Hmmm. I think we’re all caught up

I challenged myself to do 100 sit-ups every day for a week. I made it the first week and I think I’ll try another. If you want to see a sorry sight, just peak in my window late every night. I try to talk myself out of it, but then I remember my promise to myself. I huff and puff and groan and nearly cry. Certainly I make more sounds than a younger girl would make. I try to do it when the hubster has already gone to bed. I really don’t want him to mistakenly call 911.