the BoM and conference

I just finished the Book of Mormon. Again. I’m thrilled, filled, excited, kind of proud of myself [probably a no-no] and ready to do something else. I feel accomplished and worth something, and sort or cool and sort of amazed.

Here’s what I found out. Reading it fast is more like reading a novel. Reading it fast keeps me going and keeps me interested. It links together all the chapters and all the stories. I see such a connection. I see the consistency. Reading if fast keeps me on task. Reading if fast gives me a sense of ‘doing’. But, reading it fast means I miss some of the pondering [OK, a LOT of pondering.]

It strengthens my testimony of God and His plan and His Son and our part in this whole thing. It makes me realize that although I can barely comprehend the greatness and goodness of God, I do know that He is there. He listens. He hears. He blesses. He understands. He Is.

I realized over and over [and over] that Joseph Smith could never have written this book. A mere young man of just barely twenty, who could hardly write a coherent sentence and hardly even a letter until he was much older . . . could not have written all the intricate details in 63 days. That I am sure of. I could barely read it in 63 days! He could not have written it in the same amount of time. And yet, he was able to translate it, with the direct assistance of Heaven, in that amount of time!

I remember Blythe telling people when she was young . . .”I know every story in the Book of Mormon . . . do you?” I don’t know it all by heart, but I do recognize the stories and the people and the lessons. Lessons that I realize are the same lessons we need to know in our own lives. And I recognize the absolute, essential necessity that we follow Prophets. They are in place today in this very unstable world to guide us safely back. It gives me peace to know that they are here to guide and direct us and to provide a perspective that I wouldn’t have without their wisdom and inspired counsel.

I don’t know what to do with myself next. I thought of reading the Conference talks and listening to them at the same time with highlighter, red pen, and little smiley-face stickers in hand. I like to check off the ones I’ve read in the table of contents, but I’d also like to put a smiley-face on the page of the talk.

Sheesh, could I be any more kindergarten-es?

So yah, Conference talks, it is.

Because, now I know I can make a goal and stick to it.