oh, the anticipation of GRL

I can barely describe how I feel when I’m getting ready to go camping. Not just camping, though . . . camping at Green River Lakes.


Yes, I’ve stood right on these rocks and looked at those famous soul-filling mountains many a time!

I am right this minute writing menus, lists, scanning my memory for what I really need and what I packed last year and the year before but didn’t even use. I am thinking about the dish basin, whether I should take the big stainless steel bowls or whether the plastic square dishpans would work. I’m wondering about rugs. Rugs are important! I am thinking about the floor cover I bought last year and haven’t seen for eleven months. Can I find it in the big camping supply pile out in the garage? I’m regretting not putting up my tent when I got home last summer to let it fully dry. It will smell moldy for sure!

And, I feel a little tickle in my heart! I think it’s euphoria! I love all the feelings that go with the anticipation of getting to GRL a day or two before everyone else and camping on my own. I love being able to do that . . . being brave enough to camp in wild bear country by myself.

Did I mention I jumped out of an airplane last week?

Yes I’m one brave grammar.

The things I don‘t look forward to are the politics. Yep, there are plenty of politics even just going camping. Who will be next to who. How many campsites will we need. Who will pay what, who will always be late, who will do tons of work and who will hardly do anything. Who will be grumpy because we aren’t all on the same page. Who will have to be prompted and reminded and ugh.

But the good parts, the best parts, far out-way any of the  negative. There are new memories merging with old memories. There are favorite places. There are favorite smells and familiar traditions and wonderful rituals. There are card games with my three favorite sons and stories with the grands and kayaking with my two favorite daughters. Every other year we get to see Cameron and Nicole who travel a considerable distance to share our camping addiction with us. What a treat it is to have them for a whole week!

And, there are laughing fits and there is pee. Yes, lots of pee!

And singing!

  • “Hotdogs roasting in an open fire, jello chilling in the stream. Grampa yells “Hello” as the hikers go by and gramma can make almost anything!
  • “Good day, Sunshine!
  • Wyoming, Wyoming, land that I love so dear!

Fishing, swimming, jumping off the bridge, kayak races, soaking in the glorious sun, playing in the tent on rain days, working together for the common good. Washing dishes. Prayers in tents.

One thing I worry about is work. I always hope things will go smoothly and that nothing will happen to catch my boss’s attention so he won’t get frustrated about me being gone for two+ weeks. I have pushed everyone to the limit during June and July so that everything is pretty much done before I leave, but that means they have nothing to do while I’m gone and it frustrates him to Pluto and back!

I’m counting the days! Four! And I’ll be pulling out of my driveway with a multicolored kayak strapped to the top of my car!