three days

So this happened.

I wanted to go to Utah to get multi-grained chips, protein bars, maybe some good wheat bread, some mango salsa at WINCO, some capris or shorts or both. I’d love to get some spray-in hair wax. I thought about adding Quilted Bear in there. I could have done all of that by myself but thought maybe I’d ask Mikelle and kiddos if they wanted to go.

We got a late start — mostly my fault — because I started doing other things when I wasn’t sure we were really going. Then we turned around on the busy construction highway to go back for something we forgot. Did we stop in Evanston? I can’t remember. But we did stop at the rest stop in Echo. It was a long trip.

I loved Quilted Bear. Always do. I wanted to show Mikelle this adorable shelf! The kids rode on an adorable mall choo-choo train and it just might have been the best part of the day! We hurried into Sports Authority for some sandals and an oar. Didn’t get either. Then we went to eat. Can I just say it was an ‘adventure.’ My goodness, I’m getting grumpy and old because two kids in a restaurant are a handful. Oaklyn insisted on sitting in the window. Then Easton did. Oakliyn sat on the table. Oaklyn was noisy. Easton was noisy. They like to outdo each other and both copy the other so when one does something, the other immediately follows suit.

We went to Target next. Yes, not on my list of to-dos. But we were right next door. I found a pair of boy’s sandals suitable for camping. I tried on several shirts and nothing seemed to fit. I’m not enjoying my XL status at the moment. Four shirts were adorable but very low-necked and just wouldn’t do without some type of undershirt. I don’t know. I passed. So back to square one. Then we went to Sam’s. No Cliff Builder bars there. Leonard called and wanted me to pick him up a ‘small’ car jack like the orange one he has had for years. I thought, seriously? Where will it go? I also checked on tires for his trailer but they didn’t have those.

Mikelle asked if I was getting grumpy at this point. Um, yes . . .

We went to Costco. Finally, I found a few things I needed for camping. Three pair of capris, the chips, mangos, one birthday present. They had Creamies! Seriously they were giving out full sized Creamies. To thousands of shoppers!


I worried about them. How in the world could they afford that?

It was late . . . but I really needed to go get mango salsa at WINCO. It’s clear on the other end of Ogden, but I was planning on those yummy multi-grains and this salsa to get me through my snacking moments for 16 whole days. So we shopped and shopped and filled the carts up to the top, seriously. I don’t know why we take my teeny car and then don’t remember when we are in the store. [Mikelle exclaimed over and over that she spent $117 for what would have cost $230 at our local grocery. Yes, sad but true.]  We walked out of the store, with our stuffed carts and looked at the car and simultaneously groaned.

Both kids fell asleep on the way home and we unloaded at her house. She said, “Well, are you glad you took us along, or would you go alone next time?” All I can say is I can understand why Barbara is so grumpy in her old age. Translation: it’s nice to have company on a long trip, and at the same time, it’s so nice to be alone. I know it’s a contradictory conundrum, which is what my life has become of late.

Yes, I do need a vacation. Three days!


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  1. weighingmatters Post author

    Mikelle Anne . . . don’t you dare take this as a mean post! i adore you and both the kiddos but you’re right I did get grumpy!

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