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I’ve been searching for interesting and uplifting things to listen to while I’m treading or eliptical-ing. Every single week while I study for gospel doctrine, I listen to the BYU discussions on the Book of Mormon and then the Mormon Interpreter listing for the weekly reading assignment. Lately I’ve added the Sisters in the Scriptures […] Read the Rest…


ward conference bawl baby

I’m still feeling the effects of being completely humiliated and embarrassed from ward conferences three days ago. We met as leaders of the stake at 6:30 in the morning Sunday to have our leadership meeting, which included all the ward Relief Society presidencies. President Isom also attended with us. We had been assigned the topic […] Read the Rest…



Today I am finally going to the chiropractor! I’ve had enough pain to last all winter long, so instead of doing my usual routine, which is n.o.t.h.i.n.g., or at the most, very little, I’ve decided I really can’t take any more. I’ve been hurting for over a week, or closer to 10 days. Yesterday I couldn’t […] Read the Rest…