It’s New Year’s Day! Happy New Year! It’s always driven me a bit bonkers when people combine those two sentences and say Happy New Years! No ‘s’ people! Unlike other holidays, there’s only one new year relevant on that day, so neither New Years Day nor New Years’ Day work, because they suggest more than one new year is starting.


I feel good. In fact great! And I’ve actually considered sharing some thoughts. Scott and I went to Tracy’s for Thanksgiving a couple of months ago and he seriously hounded [probably too strong a word, so I’ll go with ‘strongly encouraged’] me about writing my memoirs. I know I should. I know I [even] could. But the thing is, there are so many things I don’t want to write about. It has taken me years, YEARS, people, to get over more than a few things in my childhood and my teens that I would love to forget about altogether. I really don’t want to think, much less write, about them. I notice every now and then I revert back to those hard days and go on a rant. But for now, I’d like to go/look/move forward.

In fact, I saw this quote and seriously, it pertains!10491234_10153222648607805_2069980245492625714_n

Oh my heck! It’s been so long, I can’t believe I figured how to even import a picture. So proud!

So, if I don’t write about all those times that I’ve buried in a deep place, please get over it. The very same thing happened a few years ago when Tracy’s family had the sweet and well-meaning idea of having me journal. They created an adorable gift of a gallon jar with all sorts of questions typed in a cute font on color-coordinated, curled papers. Really, really Pinterest worthy. I picked out a few [three actually, I think] and wrote about them and just about turned inside out. I don’t ever want to share my deepest thoughts, especially when it has to do with growing up.

Sorry, not sorry. Oh my heck, that’s so 2014! But it’s really the first time I’ve had the chance to use it so appropriately.

I do have some things to say and I will write. However, today is going to be short. I’ve got so many other things going on that this has been one of my last priorities for a couple of years. But I just renewed my contract with GoDaddy, and I might as well get on the ball again.