I’m hurt. I mean, seriously. Physically! A while ago I was having so much pain on the left side near my heart. I couldn’t really tell if it was my heart itself, my breast muscles torn from the mamo, my lungs, or my duodenum. But right now and for the past three days I am having so much dang pain on my right side. I think I cracked a rib or something. The only thing I can ascribe it to is doing the butterfly lift with way too much weight. I had been using 8 pounders and I accidentally went up to 12s for one the the 15-rep sets until I realized I should have the tens.

Anyway. I can’t even take a deep breath! And Monday when I was back in the gym I thought I’d use the regular ten-pounder on the left and a little 5-pounder on the right. Umm, no. That hurt so bad. So I stayed home yesterday and did nothing but 50 squats and 50 sit-ups. Nearly died.

I’m such a wimp when I’m hurt!

This morning I was trying to shovel with my left arm. I tried to clean windows with my left arm. I tried to sweet and dust-mop and climb into the skidster and turn on a light and take a drink. All of those I usually do with my right arm/hand and all of them make me look spastically uncoordinated when I do them with my left. I kept groaning out in pain and a few times a tear streaked down my cheek. Holy Smack.

So now I’m putting heat on it to make me warm and feel comfy and cozy. I know I’m supposed to put cold on it, but seriously, it’s wintertime. We had a three-hours blizzard today. A total whiteout, and I’m putting heat on my sore rib. People do not put ice packs on a sore rib after a three-hour blizzard. Period.