Today I am finally going to the chiropractor! I’ve had enough pain to last all winter long, so instead of doing my usual routine, which is n.o.t.h.i.n.g., or at the most, very little, I’ve decided I really can’t take any more. I’ve been hurting for over a week, or closer to 10 days. Yesterday I couldn’t even get out of the car after driving home from 11 hours of ward conferences in Mt. View. I was talking to Tracy on the phone as I was trying to maneuver myself and was groaning and wincing in pain as I tried to lift myself out. Of course, then, I felt awful complaining about my very-little-pain-compared-to-her-constant-big-pain. She’s like, “Nonsense! Pain is Pain. Just because I have pain, doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t have any!”

This morning when I got to work, I needed to shovel some snow that had blown in front of the entrances, mop the kitchen floor [I knew I couldn’t push the floor scrubber], sweep up the leaves in the commons, [yes we have real trees!] and clean off the locker tops. Tears were streaming down my face and several people asked me if I was OK. They said I was white as a sheet . . . I hiccuped and it nearly dropped me to my knees. So painful!

I finally called Mikelle and asked [begged] her to come to the school and put her TENS unit on me. And, now, three hours later I’m moving so much better. I have color back in my cheeks and there’s no groaning. I’ve gone for freight and mail, managed that; cleaned up lunch, managed that; and now I’m ready to go see Tad at Timberland Chiropractic. I’ve heard he’s a bit aggressive and I admit I’m scared to death, but that just proves how desperate I am! This rib is poking me in the front, near my right armpit and the through my back, as well. If he can put it in, I’m game.