knowing is one thing, doing is another

It’s been a long time since my life didn’t feel like a roller coaster. I don’t know how many times I’ve expressed those exact words and even written about my roller coaster life on this venue. But right now . . going pretty smoothly. And I’m loving it. I might as well enjoy it and write about it while it lasts, right? [Lord knows . . I always expect the opposite sooner or later.]

I’ve been exercising for several weeks, which I really think has made the biggest difference. I look at people who seem to have it together, and I believe regular exercise and care of their health and mind are some things that just comes naturally to them. They don’t have to think about it like I do. They don’t have a life-long struggle with it like I do. It’s just a priority and they work it into their schedule every! day! I remember Mr. Turner who worked at the high school for about 20 years. He was in the weight room M-W-F every single week. I often thought, gee if anyone doesn’t need to be in there lifting weights, it’s him! He might have been 5’10” and might have weighed 165. He was super toned and super healthy. And then, you guessed it! It finally dawned on me that that’s why he was healthy and toned. And he was happy. And he was even-tempered and calm and wonderful and kind and smart. Gee, he was a really great guy. Borderline amazing. He and his wife Kathy took their health personally. Now they are retired [both at age 55] from teaching and moved to Park City where they work at the ski resorts and are having the time of their lives. [I connect with them on FB all the time.]

Another person is Lori Limoges. She walks every single day, rain or shine or snow. It’s her number one priority. As a result she is sharp and trim [about a size 4!] and she is kind and organized and prioritized and, also, amazing. She is giving and thoughtful and organized and talented. Really a wonderful woman.

There may be a connection. OK, there is a connection. [I always knew there was, I just didn’t treat it with the respect it deserved. I know this stuff. Doing it is another thing.]

So anyway, I’ve been walking, working out, and thinking a whole lot more about what I put into my mouth. It’s been over three weeks since I had anything sugary, or processed or super fatty or just totally unhealthy. Granted I still think about food every day. Yesterday I had to laugh at myself because while I was at Bradshaw’s on the elliptical I was thinking about what I could eat the minute I got home. I had already done 20 minutes on the tread mill, and finished 50 deep squats in the mirrored classroom and was now going 10 minutes on the elliptical and every single step I was thinking, veggie omelet, cottage cheese, salsa, veggie omelet, cottage cheese, salsa, veggie omelet, cottage cheese, salsa!


This morning I am down 8 pounds since I started taking an active stance toward my health, my chest pains, my stomach pain and my depression. My pants are getting loose. In fact I was just looking over what I have in a [relaxed, for sure] size 10 instead of a 12-14. I thought, gee I better get myself to Wally’s and buy some pants! Then I thought, nah, I’ll just soak all my pants in really hot water and then dry them for a long time. I’m so cheap sometimes!

Besides exercising and trying to eat more mindfully, I have been listening to scriptures, scripture commentary or Hugh Nibley every day. On Saturdays I read over my lesson and mark scriptures and read David Ridges. So, I am thinking about scriptures every day as I work and go about what needs to be done. Doing those two things, taking care of the ol’ bod and taking care of the ol’ mind and soul have had a marked influence on how I feel. I have even been able to cope better with the hub and all of his employment drama.

It’s such a great feeling. It’s been refreshing. And I might add, life-saving. Not trying to be melodramatic, but I was at a point right before Christmas where I was low and desperate and hateful and grasping. And this is much, much better.

Off to the gym!!