numbers, really important numbers

I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to get some things for the baby blessing dinner today. I saw the blood pressure machine and thought I’d check out my numbers. Holy Smack! My vites are down! Last month when I went to Dr. Yasuda to get my heart checked out and my ulcer and all sorts of others things that I had neglected, my BP was the highest I ever remember.

138/96. Care to take a guess what it was yesterday! 100/73!!! Hello! I should have taken it one more time to make sure that wasn’t a fluke.

And this morning while I was lying awake but still in bed I decided to take my resting heart rate. It used to be 88. I would take it over and over and just be amazed that my heart was beating out of my chest when I was doing absolutely nothing. When I was asleep. When I was completely out of it. This morning I took it and it was an even 50. I took it three times in a row to make sure.

That means progress, folks. Pee Are Oh Gee Are Eee Es Es.

I weighed 169 right before Christmas. Now I’m 161. Taking charge of my important numbers. Rght now I’m more motivated than I’ve been in a long time! Just give me a health scare and I’ll kick in to high gear!


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