Monthly Archives: January 2016


the tragedy of life

I had some time at work this morning and was looking through a few of last year’s posts. Oh my goodness!!!! I posted ten times in the entire year!!! And I have already posted 14 times just in this new month of January!!! Something was going on last year. See, I knew it. I was […] Read the Rest…



I’m hurt. I mean, seriously. Physically! A while ago I was having so much pain on the left side near my heart. I couldn’t really tell if it was my heart itself, my breast muscles torn from the mamo, my lungs, or my duodenum. But right now and for the past three days I am […] Read the Rest…


numbers, really important numbers

I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to get some things for the baby blessing dinner today. I saw the blood pressure machine and thought I’d check out my numbers. Holy Smack! My vites are down! Last month when I went to Dr. Yasuda to get my heart checked out and my ulcer and all sorts of […] Read the Rest…