I’m so not good at making goals. Or, wait. I do make goals or at times think about them. Sometimes I doodle them with a cool bright pen that glides just right across the paper. But keeping them, I’m so not good. Yesterday I happened on two lists of goals that I actually like. They are things that would make my life so much better. Forget about weighing 148 again. That may or may not ever happen [although I’m feeling really motivated at the moment.] I’m at an age now where I’m thinking more about Eternal Salvation, where my place in the eons to come will be, and whether or not I will have a kingdom of glory and if my children will be with me. Those things are more important now that I’m edging up on the singular age of 65. It’s all downhill from here!

Here are my two lists. I hope to return here often and review, renew, rejoice, rediscover, recommit, repair, resubmit, recognize, re-double, restore.

I love these suggestions from living prophets for a better year, any year. And a better, happier, more fulfilling and prosperous life [I could use a better life!] How do we create goals to truly experience the change of heart that will help us change our lives?

1. Stop Worrying
2. Keep the Sabbath Day Holy
3. Avoid [get out of] Dept
4. Invite the Spirit into Your Life
5. Be Temple Worthy
6. See the Best in Others
7. Simplify
8. Come Unto Christ
9. Show Greater Love for Others
10. Read the Book of Mormon
11. Repent
12. Exercise self-Control [see, here’s mine!]
13. Be an Example
14. Be a Leader
15. Humbly accept Correction
16. Study Latter –day Revelation

I love this list. There are amazing articles and talks that go along with each one of them. If you feel so inclined to delve deeper, take a peak over at Utah Valley 360 and you will find all of these.

The next list is more of a day-to-day, down-to-earth list. While the other was more of a get-in-the-right-place Spiritually, this one is more get-in-the-right-place Socially:

Choose happiness
Don’t argue with fools
Don’t’ undervalue yourself
Don’t be afraid to be amazing
Choose your circle wisely
Don’t compete
Love yourself first
Don’t hold on when you realize its time to let go
Write your own story

A New Year, to me, is a lot like a birthday. People come up to me and say, well, how does it feel to be a year older. Seriously? Just like if felt yesterday. I try not to ask that dumb question, but every now and then I say to one of the grands, how does it feel to be 8? or 12 or 18. Dumb question. So, although it’s only one day after the end of 2015, and I don’t particularly think it was a terrible year, I do recognize that something is lacking. I kind of gave up on myself last year. And I have to make more of an effort to change myself and my circumstances and my degree of contentment and happiness . . if change is to happen at all.

This year I already feel a greater sense of being able to make positive improvements in my life.


What I want this year most of all is to heal all relationships. Especially those with my children. I want to love and be loved deeply. I want to adore and be adored. I want to be touchable and I want to be trusted. I’ve been the one who has messed up in these areas, and I’m ready to do what it takes to repair.