everyday listening

Every single day I try to listen to the Mormon Channel. It is chock full of fun and inspirational gems. If I could retain anything at all . . . I’d be learning a whole bunch.

I plug in my ear buds and go about the first four hours of my work day listening, laughing, and learning. It’s also a great way to not hear a lot of things. When people come close to me I usually press the buds in a little tighter so that I can’t hear them. Or when the announcements for the day start over the intercom, I press them in.

I finally did get a good set of ear buds that cost a small fortune. These I can turn up or down or off with my little finger. Before I had to say . . . oh wait, I can’t hear you, let me find the pause button, just a minute, oh dang it, what. And I’d loose my place because I finally had to just yank the buds out of my ears as the podcast continued. Ugh. That’s pretty much why when I used to see someone walk towards me, I’d avert my eyes and press the buds in. They got the message that I wasn’t up for small talk.

Every day I’m open to four things as I start to listen:


I love those four words individually and collectively. I believe with all my heart that if I can somehow hold on to those four concepts, those four guiding principles, I can make it through the day. Any day.

The other podcasts that I have begun to really appreciate and work into my daily schedule are by Chalene Johnson. I usually listen to her at the gym while I’m working on the treadmill or elliptical. I need something uplifting, energizing and positive to get through the mundane of walking for a long, long time. She has subjects like: 4 Types of Confidence, How to Deal with Pain in the Butt People, Get Motivation When You’re So Not Feeling It, 11 Habits of Really Healthy People, Why Some People are Rude, Mean, or Just Plain Jerky! It’s the kind of stuff that helps me keep pushing to get healthy. I’ve got so far to go.

Mikelle and I listened to several of her pods on the way to Tracy’s a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I don’t listen to everything she puts out there, but I like her enthusiasm for taking responsibility for the care of ourselves.

I’ve pretty well learned that if anybody is going to take care of me, it’s going to have to be me. I’m not trying to be melodramatic or feel sorry for myself. I’m just at the point where I know that I can’t count on anyone else to make my life better. It has to be right here [thumping myself on the chest] and right now. The more I count on myself, the more I like myself. The more I prove to myself that I’m not a quitter and that I can survive even the most uncomfortable and humiliating of situations, the more self-respect I have. And the more self-confidence. I’m OK and I’m going to stay OK. That doesn’t mean if you come up to me and say something, I won’t dissolve into a puddle; but, after all, I’m so darn good at cleaning up puddles.