i seriously have no title for this

It’s Friday. It’s the Friday after President’s Day and I have to take a day off. Our maintenance/custodial department gets MLK and President’s Day off because, although our district has a 4-day school week and none of the employees get those Monday holidays anymore, we 12-month employees get them off. We just have to take them on Friday. Even though we are a 4-day school, I still work many a Friday. [And I often work Saturdays if there are any events at all going on !] I work four 9s and a 4. But on a holiday week, like this one, I work four 8s and then take eight hours of holiday pay on Friday.

I woke up at my regular 4:30 but just used the bathroom and climbed back into bed. A ‘few minutes later’ it was 6:00, so I must have needed that extra time, because I slept like a rock. Can I just say here, that I really don’t know what to do when I don’t go to work. I’m a lost puppy. I’ve worked for almost 30 years at the school and it’s just as much a part of my life, maybe more so, than coming home. Part of me thinks that place can’t run without me, but when I broke my leg I found out they do just fine. [It was a hard thing to swallow.]

I thought about going to the temple but my sore throat is still bad enough that I’m thinking I’m probably going to get someone else sick. So I think I’ll wait until tomorrow. And I’ll stay home and take grapefruit seed extract, calcium, congaplex and immuplex. Maybe I’ll indulge myself and read all day. I’ve got a couple of good books here. Maybe I’ll go to the gym and do the tread for 45 minutes. Maybe I’ll confront Leonard. Um, no.

I guess that’s what this post is all about. He’s in the house. I’m in the house. We just keep dancing around each other. He’s like, did it snow? I’m like, did you look outside? He’s like I thought maybe you looked outside. I’m like, no I haven’t yet. Ugh. Big old fat elephant.

Even though I get a paid holiday, I’d rather be anywhere but home. I’d rather be at work and not get paid than be here. I’d rather get a root canal than be here. Wait, don’t get me wrong. I do love being home alone. Love that. Love puttering around and putting some inspirational podcast in to listen to. Love making homemade soup. Love getting the dishes and laundry all caught up. Love putting a bunch of homey scentsy in the pot. Love a long hot bath with minerals and salts. Love reading my scriptures and marking my institute manual with all my amazing colored pen systems and a ruler. Love a hot lemon tea in a nice mug. Love that. I don’t like the other part. The talking about the weather five times a day. The everything-else that goes with living a big fat lie.

Alrighty then. Got that out!