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What a wonderful experience of going to Rigby over the weekend to watch this cute, talented girl perform in their annual play. I had seen this picture on Facebook last week and was just overwhelmed at how Keziah has grown into a beautiful, fun-loving, good person. She is a hard-working, entertaining, helpful, loving, adorable granddaughter.

And I’m still feeling all of the amazement of finding out that a mother — a homeschooling mom — wrote the play, Everybody Nose. Keziah, was a precocious, playful elf and apparently a preggy farmer’s wife, as well, in one scene that I must have missed. I seriously didn’t even notice her — with her costume, hair and makeup completely different. But the cute mischievous elf, I totally noticed and adored! And her hair and makeup were worthy of some kind of an award. Do they give makeup and hair awards? Oh, my goodness how much fun the whole thing was!

Well, maybe not the fun of having Oaklyn [basically a pint-size younger version of Keziah] in the audience who was throwing all sorts of fits all day and night. She is such a little stink, folding her arms and pouting her mouth out even further than any three-year old mouth should ever pout! She threw herself on the floor, the sticky, popcorn-y floor and folded her arms, and her ankles, too, for good measure. She stared at the ceiling and was deciding in her little mind that she would not watch one more minute of anything. She would not shush, she would not stop talking out loud and she would not stop crying! *Sigh* Oh, my gosh. Can I just say she terrorizes me! Some days she’s as sweet as maple sugar and other days, get out of the way!

I seem to remember Keziah acting much the same and it was pretty much the same . . get out of the way. She was a yeller, sulker, thrower. But to look at her now, you would never know she struggled to find her rightful place in family and society. So that gives me all sorts of hope for Oaks.

I babysat for a couple of hours on Saturday night while Mikelle and Logan went to a firefighters dinner and boy howdy was that girl on a roll. She didn’t listen to one thing I said. I was already tired from the long trip home, from the recent stress in my own home and then going an hour earlier than I had planned, so I’m sure I added to the frustration of the situation. Oaklyn and I prety much had a standoff with her being on the time-out chair screaming at the top of her lungs that she did not want to be there.

[For the record, Easton was a little angel.]

Anyway, full circle back to Keziah. I remember times when I was simply shocked when Keziah threw a fit and Richard had to use a takedown technique or spank her hard, or discipline her. I thought there is no way this girl will ever turn out OK. She will be harmed for life. But I can see now that the way they raise their children with discipline and an increase of love is the better way. What an example this family is to me. Tracy and Richard are in many ways, my heros!

I wish we could have stayed up there for a few more days. We went on Thrusday and came  back on Saturday. I didn’t even get to visit with Trace. She was sick most of the time and I was actually glad she got to rest. I saw Mikelle in her room sitting on the edge of the bed several times and was so glad they visited. Nothing, seriously, nothing beats having your children love and trust each other. To hear these two talk and share and laugh brings my soul full delight!

One of the many blessings I’m counting today.