warning: contains some sarcasm

Life is not about how fast you run or how high you climb, but about how well you bounce!

Love that!!!

Totally love it!!!

Looking back, I think I’ve had a touch of heavenly help. Some provident promptings. Now, I get why I read the Book of Mormon last year all the way through, not once, but twice! I get why I have been attending the temple so often. I think I only missed one month last year, and several months I got there at least twice in a month. I get why I have been finding so much good stuff to listen to and to lift and motivate me. I get why on Christmas Day I decided I was going to take care of me better and started this insane exercise thing. I get why I did the KSL 10 pound challenge and totally rocked it. It’s so that I don’t automatically default to desperation.

It’s all so I could bounce as high as the sky! Yep I’m fine!

Yes, I have a moment once [or twice] in a while, but I feel good and I feel peace. I admit, sometimes it’s more of a numb, stunned peace than I want, but it’s peace. And I often look around me in my present situation and just quietly say, you blockhead. You miserable moron. You sad sad piece of ridiculousness and then just go on with my day.


If this would have happened, say, a year ago me thinks I would have fallen apart. Had a total breakdown. Adult-diapers-and-a-feeding-tube kind of breakdown. But, now I’m somehow hanging right in there. Instead of falling in a puddle on the floor, I’m getting a little stronger each day. Hey, if I can jump out of an airplane at 12,000 feet and live to tell about it, I can surely live through this!

 Bounce Bounce.

I’m seeing lots of good things to be grateful for. I’m studying and learning. I’m loving my slower, more intentional, pace through the BoM this year [spiritual] and I’m starting to see a teensy bit of definition in my arms and calves again [physical]. I’m loving my association with several friends and church co-workers [emotional] and I’m just at a place where I can remove myself from the giant elephant circus going on at my house and enjoy something as simple as an email from Annes. Life is Good and if I had a LIG hat, I’d surely be wearing it today!

 Bounce Bounce Bounce.