easter sunday

Two thoughts on this special day:

When we allow divine powers to touch our darkened soul, we shine!

“Today we celebrate the gift of victory over every fall we have ever experienced, every sorrow we have ever known, every discouragement we have ever had, every fear we have ever faced.” `Elder Holland

OK, here is a third, but I couldn’t find the source. I have heard several times that every loss will be covered. Every heartache will be healed, every hurt soothed.


I’m counting on it. I’m so full of hurt and tears right now. Mikelle and her family came to Easter dinner. She and Leonard planned it. I actually sat at a table not trusting my feelings or words. Mikelle said I’ve been grumpy. I say I’ve been run over by a Mack truck. I don’t know how to have Easter dinner and act like everything is back to ‘normal.’ I don’t know how to just forget the last week. I don’t know how to just turn off and on. I am demolished.

I know I need to figure this out, but crap. My soul is totally darkened right now and I’m finding no light.

I’m hanging onto those thoughts. Because. Everything I thought I knew doesn’t seem so true right now.

I watched this and loved it. I long to feel all of this again instead of just numbness.