I feel goooood! Oh, I feeeeel so good, uh! [LHS cheer] Just got home from the gym and had a great cardio workout. I am loving exercising and the feeling that comes from getting air into my lungs. I have more energy and a better outlook and just, well, I feel awesome.

[Wow, I just spent 30 minutes on a post that I then deleted. It was on the pros and cons of energy drinks and I realized I was boring even myself nearly to death. Whatever. I could sum up the whole thing in a few sentences and I had already written 950 wasted words!]

Suffice it to say, I’m totally against them and I cringe when I see anyone loading up on Monster this and Rock Star that.

But back to me . . . seriously. [you know I’m kidding, right?] I just want to remember this feeling and how it has somehow gotten me through some pretty rough times recently. I could have been on the floor in the fetal position a few times in the last two months but instead when to the gym. I could have been on a couch in a psychiatrist’s office, but instead I went to the gym. I could have been stuffing my pain and hurt in front of the fridge and instead I went to the gym. So I’m just saying here, for my own benefit, this is what works for me. And I want to remember that crying and laying on the couch and eating don’t solve anything.

I really got off track one time since Christmas and the next day I worked extra hard to get things back in balance, to get my emotions in check, to pray and read and exercise. It was easier to find my way back to ‘sanity’ and to not beat myself up quite so much. Oh, my goodness, beating myself up never does any good. I hope I have learned that by now.

I love the Faith it till You Make it!‘ logo. I love the You Got This’ mentality. And even though I just go through the motions lots of times, I think I’m further ahead than being/becoming a victim/martyr/loser.