officially older than the hills

Today is a milestone of sorts. I just registered for Social Security! Holy Smack how did that happen?

I guess I’ve always known that time marches on. It does! But, sheesh! Here it is right smack in front of me! Apparently I waited about a week too late and there may be a penalty but I thought I had two months leeway and I now understand it’s a three month thing. The first thing I read as I opened the page was you MUST register three months before your 65th birthday. Ugh [little tiny ugh, though!]

So what the heck am I going to do with myself? Travel? Run a marathon? Sew? Clean the house? Read? Do temple work? Serve a mission? I have answers for all those questions: No money. Probably not. Maybe. It sure needs it! Definitely! I hope so. I’d love to!

I’m going to work two more years, to be sure. I seriously don’t know what I would do with myself if I didn’t get up every day and go to work. It’s been a good job for me: 4 weeks of paid vacation, 11 leave days, 15-20 paid holidays [including Christmas and Spring break], good retirement. I really can’t complain.

I keep thinking back to my parents. Mom never really had a job outside of the home. [She did work like crazee as a stay at home mom, for sure!!] Yes, she worked at the Dew Drop Inn for a little bit. But I think she did that just to be rebellious. She taught 4-H but didn’t get paid. Dad worked on the CCC and then Union Pacific until he retired at age 60, I believe. And then he died, like five years later!

So many things to think about!

I will probably need a part-time job after retirement, so why not just stay here? I’ll have to figure out how many hours I can work and still draw social security and retirement. Lot’s of details.

Anyhoo!!! Milestone marked and recorded! I’m officially OLD!