this from julie

Dear Family

Julie had some basal cell skin cancer removed from her lower eye lid and the surgery went very well. She had many praying for her and the surgeon. Here is an email from her that I wanted to share with you


This letter from Julie has touched me. Her faith is strong and her words are a wonderful testament to God, our Father. He sees us. He knows us. He knows what we need. Love this!

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your prayers!  God promises that the fervent prayers of the righteous avail much and the Lord definitely responded to your prayers!

The Lord continues to amaze me with the way He attends to every detail and constantly reminds us of His love.  The night before my surgery He brought sweet Emily who helped me work out a problem with the insurance so I could get the antibiotics I needed to start right away.  She stayed 20 minutes past closing and even prayed with me on the phone. Then there was Avis who checked me in the day of surgery and told me that she could see the beauty of the Lord shining through me and that she knew the Lord had me in His hands.  I had a nice long chat with my surgical nurse, Yvonne, who viewed the OR as her mission field and we had the chance to pray together before surgery.

Thanksgiving 11-15 017

We had been praying for the Lord to give my doctor His divine wisdom and that He guide her hands during the surgery; He definitely did!  Both the LV doctor and UCLA team had decided upon a procedure where they would come through the front of my eyelid and remove all the diseased tissue, then remove good tissue from behind my ear and above my eye to rebuild.  This procedure would have required a lengthy recovery and multiple surgeries to hide the extensive scarring.  At some point during the surgery my doctor decided to shave off the cancer layer by layer from the inside of my eyelid instead.  She was able to remove all of the cancer and still preserve the outside of my eyelid.  Today, just one week after surgery, the muscles in my lower eyelid have reattached and the stitches were removed!  God is indeed the great Physician!  When I asked the doctor what made her change her mind on the procedure, she said it just seemed like a better method.  When I told her you all were praying for God to guide her during the surgery she dismissed the idea, but I know God planted a seed and will be faithful to water it.

Again, I want to thank you all for supporting and encouraging me along this journey, but most of all for praying.  Alex, Maria, Eugenia, Jamel, Henry, Steph, Emily, Avis, Yvonne and Dr. Eggart all came across my path and as a result of your fervent prayers, experienced the Lord.  I am humbled and honored to be used by Him and wanted you all to have the opportunity to rejoice in His handiwork and praise His holy Name!

God Bless You!