thy timing be done

I am constantly amazed at God’s timing. I’m amazed at His all-knowing choreography of life. I’m amazed at the people and experiences He puts in our paths to help us ahead of time.

I’m talking about the fact that last November and December I was feeling overwhelmed with my health and decided for myself to do something about it. I went to several doctors, I started eating better. And I joined the gym. I started feeling better physical, but more importantly, emotionally!!!

He knew what was ahead for me in the next few months. He knew that I was going to find out some pretty bizarre and potentially devastating information about my home life. He knew that I was in for an emotional roller coaster. And I was pretty much able to get through some rough days because I was already on the road to my own health recovery.

I stand all amazed! I feel His love and direction. I feel His concern. [I even feel His love for the hubs and that’s quite an accomplishment. I have to remind myself that he is someone’s son and brother. I know his dad and sister who are looking down from heaven love him. I know his mother loves him.]

I read yesterday in my institute manual [sitting in the Evanston Cemetery feeling all sorts of peace and comfort!!] about God’s all-knowing timing. Elder Neal A. Maxwell said: “Faith in the timing of God [is] to be able to say Thy timing be done, even when we do not fully understand it.”

Oh, my goodness. I love that.

Thy will be done; thy timing be done.