Monthly Archives: April 2016


braless wonder!

Yesterday I was heading out to church and just by chance I went to tug at my bra and realized I didn’t have it on. I seriously don’t know how I got that far . . . without being fully dressed. I had to hurry back in and change my clothes which was quite a […] Read the Rest…


choc ful of yum

My breakfast this morning was extra y.u.m! I found an extra canister of Vega Chocolate Proteins & Greens in my cupboard and thought I should start using it before it got weevily. And I already have been using Shakeology that I got last summer, trying to use it up, so I had an extra scoop of chocolatey […] Read the Rest…


sunshiny missionary letters

I love getting letters from Andie and Blythe. Tracy is posting all of Blythe’s letters on her blog and I totally love that . . but I really don’t have a clue if anyone is saving Andie’s letters. My guess is yes, but I just want to add a note here that she sent me. Last […] Read the Rest…