love me if you can

Bawling my head off! I just finished the ebook, Recovering Charles, by Jason F. Wright. He also wrote Christmas Jars and The Wednesday Letters.

Wow! What a bunch of emotions! I guess that’s what I needed, a good cry! Oh, my goodness. SO GOOD! A story of pain and disappointment, for sure.

It’s also a riveting story of hope and healing, of finding love and, above all, faith for every single family who’s had its share of tough times; for anyone who regrets things said or never said; for everyone who needs to know that life has a ‘second verse.’

And at the end of the download is the most beautiful song. It’s sung in harmony with a male and female voice and the words . . . oh my goodness. You just have to listen! The pictures are silly and don’t have anything to do with the book . . so just close your eyes and enjoy. Then run to the library and get the book! [and a box of tissue!!] Or, just download it. It’s free on some sites. The author reads, and he has such a talent for emotion, voice, and texture.