braless wonder!

Yesterday I was heading out to church and just by chance I went to tug at my bra and realized I didn’t have it on. I seriously don’t know how I got that far . . . without being fully dressed. I had to hurry back in and change my clothes which was quite a feat since I had on a Downeast T, a Kohl’s sleeveless top over that and an Eddie Bower boyfriend sweater on top. Three things I had to work over my just-done hair and makeup and then put on a bra. Then, you guessed it, I had to carefully layer those three tops back on without messing up my hair and face.

I was late. Walked in at 1:03. Bishop was already up talking with opening announcements and because I sit in the second from the front row each week, I felt waaay conspicuous.

Goal for next Saturday night: lay out my bra on the bed and put a great big arrow pointing towards it.


You know those dreams nightmares we all used to have about showing up to church or school dressed in just our slips? Or with no pants. Or with no make-up. Or forgetting to brush our teeth. Yah, that’s my life. Only it’s not just a dream anymore. Ugh.