thrifty to the point of obsession

I blame my dad. He’s the one who was thrifty, frugal, economical. He turned off lights, scraped the butter bowl and added it to the next bowl. He cleaned out the fridge and made a soup. He rinsed out shampoo bottles and bought reduced-price cheese with mold and then scraped it off.

This morning when I went to take my acid reducer medicine, Omeprazole, I only had a couple of the 40mg ones but am currently taking 20mg doses. Instead of taking too much, or wasting it, I pried open the capsule and counted the little granules, divided them into two piles and put one half back into the capsule to swallow. Now, I could have thrown the others away. But they sat on our break table here at work for an hour. Each time I passed them I thought I should put them into another capsule and then save them until I found an extra capsule at home where I could safely keep them until I needed it.


Seriously? I get 90 day’s worth for $20. That means both the 20mg and the 40mg [both priced the same] cost about 22 cents each. So I actually spent time thinking obsession about if I continued buying the 40mg I could split them all up into capsules that I bought several years ago and save half the money! 11 cents! I’m agonizing over 11 cents!

Anyway, I gathered up the other 17 granules and put them into a Ziploc bag. Then it occurred to me that the Ziploc probably cost more than the 11 cents I was trying to save with the prescription.


I hoping that there are extra points in heaven for being compulsively thrifty but me thinks there really aren’t.