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Today’s my birthday. I’m 65! I feel at least 64! This last year has been interesting, pretty tough, and pretty amazing. You know what I have noticed about every single day? Each one is good and bad. Fun and boring. Amazing and nondescript. Full of inspiration and full of ordinary. Each day is how it […] Read the Rest…


finance committee

I’ve been on the Finance Committee for about 15 years. I also serve as the Sick Bank chairman, work on the Calendar Committee and the Advisory Committee. I get to sit in on the interviews for new custodians and the summer help. I was thinking there was one more but it momentarily escapes me. This […] Read the Rest…


i’ve written the same thing 10X ugh

[But this time it will be different, right?] Oh, my goodness it completely amazes me how closely physical and emotional health are connected. I’ve known it for years, and I re-learn it every time I venture on a health quest. I realize it as my emotional health improves at the same degree my physical health […] Read the Rest…