baaaawwk bawk bawk

Question: Why did the chicken fall into the well?
Answer: Because he couldn’t see that well.


That joke came from a friend who was trying to cheer me up one day last week. I totally appreciate her. She is going through so much herself, but knew that I could use a laugh.

Wow, I’m in a place. It’s a place of uncertainty, a place of emotions and a place of unsettled fears and vulnerability. I’ve prayed and prayed and gotten a few answers . . a few inspirations. But I was looking for writing on the wall! I was looking for a “Do this!” and whatever you do, “Don’t do this!!” sort of thing.

I’m getting plenty of advice from friends and family but I am scared and apprehensive about following all their well-meaning admonitions. It’s easy for them to say, get out of that situation right now . . . but they aren’t the one picking up those broken pieces and those 65 years of life. They aren’t trying to hold it together. They aren’t the one who is trying to be absolutely certain of the best outcome.

So, I totally identify with that chicken. I totally am that chicken, cause I surely can’t see that well.