finance committee

I’ve been on the Finance Committee for about 15 years. I also serve as the Sick Bank chairman, work on the Calendar Committee and the Advisory Committee. I get to sit in on the interviews for new custodians and the summer help. I was thinking there was one more but it momentarily escapes me.

This past two weeks we’ve had numerous finance meetings. It’s been rough. Our district is down roughly lotsa mooula. Our increase in insurance alone is $195,000. So many things to consider. We’ve haggled and shed a few tears, plead and nearly begged. Last night we had a results meeting about the board’s decision for their preliminary budget for 2016-2017.

Can I just say boy howdy! Some unhappy people, but me .. I’m trhilled. With the insurance going up so high, I stood to have an increase out of my check of $233! That’s a whopping $2800 more per year going towards the pesky never-ending insurance bill. That’s $233 on top of what I already pay each month which is close to $300. [$6400/year!!] Talk about anguish! So I fought long and hard to be heard. I wrote to each board member and plead my case as well as explaining how we couldn’t possibly give a raise to several individuals who had asked and thought themselves worthy of an extra 10K in their own pocket at the expense and exclusion of everyone else.

I think they listened. Or maybe it was all common sense. I don’t know. It was certainly common sense to me.

Gotta admit. It feels good.