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four in one

Scott was right. I was telling him about my day yesterday and he said, “Well, that sounds like some blogging material.” I went to the Logan Temple yesterday [104 degrees in Utah!!! — hottest day EVER in June] [melted] and did Margaret Ann Craley. I don’t know why I said “did.” I’m not sure what […] Read the Rest…


it’s a start

I’ve loved eating this past week. It has been good, healthy food. And, even when I’ve had a snack attack or a major case of the munchies I went to healthier food options and I’ve been dearly rewarded. First of all, I’ve been exercising a little. Not much for sure! I’m still not in the […] Read the Rest…


change of focus

I’ve been in the Worlds biggest funk. The world’s longest funk. I’ve been funky for about a year now . . . a WHOLE DANG YEAR! [I just looked up the definition of funk and found that it means a myriad of things, from a dank smell —  to a type of dancing —  to […] Read the Rest…