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Hey! This morning I thought I’d give it one more try. Every week I try on my size 31 Wranglers that used to fit when I lost weight last year. Every week I fold them back onto the closet shelf. But today I’m wearing them! All this exercise is finally paying off. You wouldn’t know […] Read the Rest…


yup yup yup

The last week has been so dang healthy. I even posted on facebook that I had a completely conscious day of eating healthy. I think I supposed for a moment that if I were more accountable to more people it might make me work harder. And it did. I have discovered such a [good] habit-forming […] Read the Rest…


so proud

I won’t betray her confidence by saying her name but I have a friend who is doing so well! She told me a little experience I wanted to share. I guess she will let me know if it’s not ok. I measured myself for the second time today.  I thought I would share the results […] Read the Rest…