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this response

. . . from my adorable friend, Karen, whose husband, Paul, died about twenty years ago. [In response to my previous post . . ] But…if you eat alone, you get to eat all of it yourself. And I get both pillows. Seriously, it has been a great day. I don’t want to seem insensitive […] Read the Rest…



I have a friend I’ll call Becky — because her name is Becky and I don’t have any reason to try to camouflage it with an alias. She and I have worked together for about 15 years. She and I have had our ups and downs [years ago!] but for the last 12 or so […] Read the Rest…

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Thelma Rose

Mikelle’s dear friend and resident where she has been working the past year and a half passed away. It was never Thelma, always Thelma Rose. This amazing, wonderfully warm friend made a huge impact on my daughter’s life and on her heart. And I will always be grateful for that. Thelma Rose had very few […] Read the Rest…