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Phoneless. Again. Uggg! Dang it. I came home on Monday and thatched the heck out of my yard. I got eleven huge grass-catchers full of dead dry itchy smothering grass out of the lawn. And being the totally responsible person that I am, I took off all my clothes on the back porch, [yep, butt […] Read the Rest…



I’m sitting here in the ice-cold basement trying to think of anything worthwhile to write about. I’ve read Tracy, Jess, Kat, and Jenn’s posts, Segullah, Time and Seasons, facebook, and written a few emails. I’ve thought for days of what I could write about that wouldn’t have anything to do with all of my recent […] Read the Rest…


if i had a dollar for every time i said moron

So, now that I’ve got this cute new overhaul . . . you’d think I’d be totally overhauling other major areas in my life, yes? Like a fresh new attitude about morons. Like a fresh new way to eat healthier. Like a fresh new way to keep my bedroom clean. Like a fresh new way […] Read the Rest…

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