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8 days, going on 365

Last night I cooked brown rice. A bunch! I like to have it on hand for when the munchies come on. Unfortunately, I cooked it about 15 minutes too long and it had a crust of brown, burnt rice on the bottom. I quickly added cold water and let it soak for a minute and […] Read the Rest…


dear fisher

Since you told me you want to grow up to be a scientist who studies insects, I thought you might need to eat this for lunch sometime.



I had an awesome, fun, exhilarating weekend! Went to SLC on Friday to meet up with Tracy’s family and to watch kids while Trace, Richard and Blythe went to their TJEd forum. The kids [Keziah, cousin Eve, Fisher and Annesley] and I went craft shopping, swimming, got ice cream at Coldstone, went to the movie […] Read the Rest…