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b . .t . .w . .

By the way . . . I did get something for Valentine’s Day after all. On Friday, I was just leaving to go vacuum the church and a lady was just driving up. She said, “Are you Dorothy? Oh, good! Looks like I just caught you in time!” Beautiful flowers! Red roses with a fresh […] Read the Rest…


this response

. . . from my adorable friend, Karen, whose husband, Paul, died about twenty years ago. [In response to my previous post . . ] But…if you eat alone, you get to eat all of it yourself. And I get both pillows. Seriously, it has been a great day. I don’t want to seem insensitive […] Read the Rest…


be my valentine

Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful day for some, and a hard day for others. There are many people who have hardships and/or more than their fair share of trials. They will have a difficult time today and this evening. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love, but also the love we can all feel […] Read the Rest…