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dear fisher

Since you told me you want to grow up to be a scientist who studies insects, I thought you might need to eat this for lunch sometime.



I’m getting to the point that it’s too much for me! I can’t keep track of anything and I’m getting discouraged. I have to call Trace pretty much every day or two and ask her to help me figure out my password and/or user name on eleven-teen different sites. Then, she figures it out, emails […] Read the Rest…


produce, and no, i don’t have a garden

The thing about having chemical pneumonia is that I can’t spit. Believe me I’ve tried. I cough and hack and cough and choke and I somehow manage to produce a little teesny bit of ‘stuff’ but I can’t get it out of my mouth! I know. This is too gross. I’ve been coughing for nearly […] Read the Rest…