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it will be me!

It’s Sunday. One of my very favorite days. I’m sick today. I’ve had a couple of little ‘accidents’ and now my stomach is hurting. I don’t know if I should try going to church, because I’m thinking everything is going to be coming up, or coming out. You get the picture. Ugh. I’ve been studying […] Read the Rest…


people ask me all the time

Wow, I just had to erase and start over. I was on a bit of a downward spiral and then realized there was no point in going there. What is, is. The last two years happened. I’ve read at least a couple dozen quotes about how life in the past can’t change the future. Here’s […] Read the Rest…


shame on me

I’m embarrassed how my life turned out. I really am. I’m even ashamed. I know . . that’s a strong word, full of emotion and hurt and, well, shame. I’m full of shame. Sometimes so much so that I can’t look other people in the eye. And at the same time, I’m actually learning to […] Read the Rest…