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new balance isn’t just a shoe

It’s 2pm and I am, seriously, still in my sweats that I wore to the gym this morning at 7am. Lazy day? Not at all! I woke up early… 4:45am and I’ve been listening to good things ever since. I’m living in the podcast world presently! There are soooo many good things, so much information […] Read the Rest…


november 8

I’m divorced. It was a quiet day. I visited with my attorney for an hour. She explained what would likely happen in court, both if Leonard showed up and if he didn’t. She said that if he showed up, the judge would schedule a half-day in January or February. But, if Leonard didn’t bother to […] Read the Rest…


sweet home

People keep asking me what I’m doing now that I’m retired. Hey, how’s retirement? What do you do all day? How’s it going now that you’re not working? Are you bored? Are you going to sub for the school? You better keep busy! No sitting in a rocking chair all day! I’m not sure they […] Read the Rest…