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if i had a dollar for every time i said moron

So, now that I’ve got this cute new overhaul . . . you’d think I’d be totally overhauling other major areas in my life, yes? Like a fresh new attitude about morons. Like a fresh new way to eat healthier. Like a fresh new way to keep my bedroom clean. Like a fresh new way […] Read the Rest…

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stomach ache-y all over

All dressed up and nowhere to go! I woke up at 3:30 this morning after a long night of tossing and turning. I even played Conversations  [Mormon Channel] on my iPad to make me drowsy but I realized I was still awake about every half-hour. So much on my mind. Our superintendent is on Administrative […] Read the Rest…


power of words

I woke up before 4:00 a.m. because the wind was howling and I could hear the pellets against the window. When I looked out it was totally white and everything was horizontal. Trees were laying down and branches were broken off. Crap. It snowed. And I needed to get moving so I could plow up […] Read the Rest…