I read several blogs. NieNie, Balancing Everything, Second Wind, Travis, C Jane, Hey Shelby, Wet Oatmeal Kisses, The Lazy Organizer, Emily Watts, Apron Girls. I may not find time to read every day, but I try to keep up with what’s happening. I at least skim over them and if there’s something I’m interested in I stop and read. And I comment.

I’m always amazed at the number of comments they have. The number of readers!

My daughter, the new Mrs. Hull, said the other day that she reads Weighing Matters every single day. She said she loves it. She laughs with me, she cries with me. I said “Really? Why don’t you ever comment?” She said “I don’t know how!”

So I told her how. I said just go to the bottom of that particular post and click COMMENTS and share your thoughts. Simple as that!

So five days in a row I’ve checked to see if there’s a comment. But no. This from a girl who talks a lot, has an opinion on many things, has set her own mind about everything her whole life, is Miss Independent, and who now has access to a computer every single day!

Maybe she’s afraid of embarrassing herself, but, seriously, what could be more embarrassing than having your mother have to beg for a comment?

[If you don’t want to comment using your own name and email, could you at least establish a couple of other fake emails and pretend you are someone else and comment once in a while? I’d even be OK with that.]

Love you!

9 thoughts on “comments

  1. tracy

    I would say the vast majority of people don’t comment…but I love getting comments, especially from you, so I will try to do better at commenting on here!

    I am usually nursing Annes, so I don’t comment…but I will improve!

  2. tracy

    Yeah, I know…just thought I would comment since you are begging. “If your mother asks for a comment, do you offer her an empty blog page?”

  3. pseudo daughter

    I haven’t commented either – until today. Sorry about that – I love reading your blog, tho. Thanks!

  4. Tina

    I read… I also read several of the blogs you mention..NieNie and her sister Cjane…your Tracy @ Wetoatmealkisses.
    Have a great night!

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