It’s 1:35 am and I haven’t been to sleep. Was actually in bed a couple of hours but couldn’t doze off. I know exactly what it is. The king size chocolate bar. Ohmygoodheck! My life is a shamble. What am I doing to myself? Seriously, even if a bar is 86% cacao, it still isn’t good for you me! Why do I keep buying things that I pretend are better than the alternative and then eat them all in one sitting?

I have to get up in less than 3 hours and go move snow! Yes, March 31 and we got 3 inches of the white stuff.

3 thoughts on “1:35

  1. camille

    That is so funny! I count carbs instead of calories (but don’t completely ignore calories), and look at the kind of fat. So, I just tried the Lindt 85% cocoa , and the Ghiradelli 86% cacao bars. with 8g and 5g carbs (per serving) respectively, and cocoa butter as the fat, I love them! And, since I have added this treat into my carb intake, I haven’t noticed any extra weight. But, I tasted Tracy’s Lindt 46% chocolate mint bar the other day and it was sickeningly too sweet. It didn’t even taste good.

  2. camille

    I know what you mean…usually I eat about a 1/2 or 1 portion(4 squares), but one day I did eat one whole bar…even so, it was 20+ carbs and did not raise my total carb intake over 140 for the day, so I wasn’t too worried about it. I am usually eating the chocolate at work while doing paper work so I am counting on it keeping me awake.

    By the way I realized the Ghiradelli bars are actually 15g carbs per serving ( before, I accidentally looked at the RDA % —5%, not 5g ) while the Lindt bars are 8g carbs per serving. I will not be buying the Ghiradellis any more.

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