It’s my eleventh day of eating healthy. Not one thing has gone into my mouth that is sugary, fatty, processed-y or full of chemicals for eleven big ones. What a huge difference! The first week was h.a.r.d but lately it’s been easier. Today has felt almost natural. Almost normal.

And all but two of those eleven days I have exercised — except I gave myself both Sunday’s off. I’ve felt sore every single day. Good sore! The kind of sore when you know you worked out the day before and it’s manifesting itself in every single muscle today. My favorite kind of sore!

So yah.

No more rubber bands holding my snap and buttonhole together. No more ginormous overhang on my tummy. [There’s still a little one!] No more tight pants pinching my cro***. No more baggy eyes. No more.

Just feeling great.

Totally worth it.

[I know, I know. I’ve said that a hundred times before! And given my history, I know I’ll mess up again. But I’m going to enjoy right now.] And Saturday is my one year anniversary of this post. One year ago [and 341 posts ago!] I weighted 161. At the time I was trying to be a Weight Watchers Receptionist but had gained about twenty pounds a couple of years after I had reached goal. What a hypocrite! I was miserable and [dang, there’s no other word to put here] more miserable! I had no idea what the coming months had in store for me. Had no confidence I could really lose weight. I was so depressed. If you don’t believe it, take a look back there. I just jumped off the cliff and decided to do it. And I’ve blogged and blogged and blogged about the struggles and the successes. Probably way too much! Sometimes I go back there and read. Totally different life now!

Right now I’m celebrating, but not with food! I’m celebrating with feeling and joy and being proud and feeling OK!

It’s OK for me to feel OK!



2 thoughts on “11th

  1. tracy


    I am absolutely thrilled for you! You have accomplished MUCH this year and you look fabulous! Way to go Mamacita!

    Love you to pieces!

  2. weighingmatters Post author

    I didnt know if I could get back down to 140 before the third, but I did! Yay! It took almost two weeks of eating well and thinking and weighing and wanting and trying hard.


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