family letter

Last July 1, Scott initiated a family letter that would help us to keep up with each other. He emailed it to the other five of us. We all read and replied in kind. It’s been a great project. Call it Family History. Call it Catching Up. Call it Mom’s favorite part of the whole month!

Here’s how it started:

I have been thinking about doing a monthly letter to everyone for a long time now and I guess mom’s blog finally convinced me to do it. I remember getting something similar from Louise from everyone while I was in college but that was all hand written and mailed, I think email will be easier. Also I just want our family, mom and the 5 kids to participate. I hope everyone will join me and write maybe starting the end of July. I think this might be a good way to stay close and share upcoming plans. If no one else wants to join in then at least you will get a letter from me once a month.

I have loved every letter! I’ve loved every word. I look forward to the end of each month, knowing I will get at least two or three family emails from those I love the very most. For the past eight months I’ve saved each one in a special folder on my desktop and have been able to look back at them occasionally.

Just want to thank my children for participating in this venture and encourage you to continue to take the time to write to “us.” Someday I’ll print all of them and put them in a binder for us to reminisce with in our old age.

I love each of you so much
Love Mom!