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It was an excellent week. Most of it. I did have that little episode on Tuesday so I probably can’t really say excellent. It was a good week. Above average for me lately. I’ve been at 142 three days in a row! I might have been 141.5 if I hadn’t eaten the left over tilapia and steamed veggies, three string cheese (reduced fat) and two frozen pomegranate bars last night right before bed. [Frustrated s.i.g.h.] I’ll just move on.

This morning I did measurements [first time in a while] and I see things have shifted around a bit, especially with my lack of committed exercise for the past month or so. I did have a good exercise week, however. Five days out of the seven. So I’m choosing to give myself an A for the week. Yah, I can give myself an A. I’m worth that. B on food choices. Or B-. Still a good week.

January 8th: Along with the comparisons from November 11th in brackets:

Bust: 37 [same]
Waist: 31 [up .5]
Abdomen: 35.5 [up 1]
Hips: 37.5 [same]
Thighs: 22.5 [up 1]
Arm: 12 [up .5]

This morning:

Bust: 37.5
Waist: 31
Abdomen: 37
Hips: 37.5
Thighs: 22
Arm: 12

I have some work to do. Up on bust and abdomen. The same on the others. [But if I’m going to be honest, I’m up on almost all of them from when I was at my best numbers.] It’s good to actually look at where I need to focus. I can do this. I took measurements about a month ago and couldn’t bear to post them; they were so awful, but this is workable, doable, and I can see I’ve made progress since the unpublished numbers in March.

I got out a mat this morning and lifted in the bedroom. Kind of crowded, but if I put my feet up on the wall between the bed and the dresser, I can usually do my arm exercises without banging my hands on the other dresser. And then I did 125 abs. I hurried and did 40 push ups while I was in the groove, just to see if I could still do them. Ugh, very hard. And no, they’re not guy push-ups. Of course. I’m almost sixty and a woman, so I do granny pushups if you have to call them that. But, oh well. I did them! And I’m not too shy to brag about it. [I do need to work on them though. The last ten were pretty ugly!]

Today I’m cleaning the house, dishes, laundry, dusting and vacuuming. I hate coming home to chaos and clutter. Then out the door to head to Idaho. They don’t have weights so I’m winging it. I’ll do sit ups and push ups, the killer hydrant leg lifts and maybe walk if it’s nice. I want to remember every single day my goal is to be 141 next Monday.

Do you hear that, Camille? I’m reporting to you.

2 thoughts on “here we go

  1. camille

    I wasn’t paying attention to your date before….is your 1 year on Monday? Yah, you can report to me and I will report to you. I am on my way to buy running shoes. Also, I have been meaning to ask for months, what are hydrant leg lifts? I need some good lower body exercise, I have tons of upper body exercises.

  2. weighingmatters Post author

    No. May 3rd. I just want to stay focused at Tracy’s or I will end up gaining back 3 pounds. Hydrants are in Jorge Cruises’ book “8 Minutes in the Morning.” Owie!!!!! I can explain them to you though.

    Down on all fours. Lift your right [bent] leg up to shoulder level with your knee still bent. Get it parallel to the floor and back down. [Picture a dog at a hydrant. Sorry.] Do 12 of those. [I’m up to 20] Then without stopping go onto the second part and lift that same leg up starting with your thigh parallel to the floor and your foot flexed lifting up toward the ceiling for 12 counts. Don’t arch your back. Have all movement in your thigh and you should be feeling something in your butt. Then the left leg. Do four reps on each side, so it’s actually 8 times with both because you do two together on one leg and then go to the other.

    You should probably look at a picture at the library.

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