doin’ da shuffle

My niece has been running. She is having a measurable amount of success and because I had been struggling, I wanted that for myself. So I ran.

Actually I shuffled. Thursday morning I shuffled around the pool, out front of the school in the bus lane, over to the Seminary building and around the back of the school shop and Ag area. Whew. I felt great! All energized and breathing deeply. I hurried and picked up the parking lot while I was out there and the area out back as well. Friday morning I thought I’d try it again. I shuffled out the front door. Ouch! What was that pain shooting in my right knee just below the knee cap. Oh yah. My torn knee where I had the scope. Ohmyheck! What is the sharp pain up the back of my butt and into my hips? OK, clearly this was not going to be an easy run jog shuffle. But I didn’t want to give up on my second day, so I continued. [Note to self: When something is hurting, s.t.o.p.] I went around the pool counter-clockwise and over to the FB field along the fence. I was in pain. I hurried and picked a bunch of garbage along the fence and headed in.

Here’s the important part. Saturday morning I could hardly walk! I limped around most of the day. It was our Health Fair/Business Expo/BVEA Annual Meeting at the high school and I worked nine hours on a really sore and swollen knee. I had found a patella support brace in the lost and found [ask any of my kids — it’s truly my favorite place to find almost anything] and put it under my pants to stabilize my knee and that seemed to help a titch.

I see my friend, Trish, running after school all the time. She swims in the morning and runs after classes. Amazing. And she looks great. Another friend, Jann, goes way overboard. She runs, bikes, swims and teaches aerobics. Crazy! My sister emailed that she and her daughter are doing the Weight Watcher 5 K walk in June. I’m so proud!

But, no. It’s time to admit to myself and everyone in the blogosphere. [Although I use to run a lot — and even took second place in a 5 K in Toledo one year.] [My claim to fame!]


I’m not a runner. Back to strength training in the weight room for me. :[

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  1. camille

    I guess I should give an update……..I ran 3 miles the first day, 5 miles the second day and 4 miles the third day……feeling great–I can conquer the world, day four plan? Ten miles, of course, uphill to Clarkston (you know the Martin Harris Pageant), but by afternoon on day three my knees were killing me! I seriously was worried I had caused irreparable damage. I could not exercise for the rest of the week! I could barely handle stairs, hobbled at work, etc. The next week I got accupuncture and electrostim on my knees 3 times! I tried sprint/walking once, then finally gave up once and for all on running (on asphalt..running on a treadmill–pre-injury was fine). I am 36!…..not exactly OLD, not exactly YOUNG, especially after 7 pregnancies. My weight loss and exercise actually suffered due to my running escapade! Since then, I joined Planet Fitness. After rest and nearly an entire tub of Dr. Christopher’s Complete Bone and Tissue (aka BF&C), my knees are almost completely healed. In a week or so I’ll try running say……a mile on the treadmill and see what happens, but if that still causes pain I won’t do it again–it’s just not worth it!! I have been doing a bunch of weight lifting as well, and I know that I have been gaining muscle, but my weight slowly goes down about 1 pound every couple of weeks….agonizingly slow for how much gut-wrenching work I am putting in. But my shape/silhouette keeps improving (slowly) so that HAS to be enough for me.

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